About True Community Education

True Community Education (TCE) unites and empowers grassroots action to provide high-quality education and support services to underserved children and adults.

We have these purposes:

(a) To help bring to life the Right to Education for all

(b) To give under-served children the strong foundation in academics and life/career skills needed to carry them forward to successful higher education

(c) To give adults who were deprived of a proper education the training, life skills, and support needed to transition into a successful career.

We are focusing on peer tutoring as a scalable, cost-effective means to improve educational outcomes in under-served areas on a wide scale. The basic goals are these: (a) high-quality one-on-one instruction; (b) widely and easily accessible; (c) at a very low cost.

TCE, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, is currently operating in South Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, Compton, and India.

About TCE Founder: Ron Seagal

Ron started teaching over 30 years ago and has delivered many thousands of hours of teaching and tutoring with outstanding results in diverse settings, including the delivery of teacher training programs.

He has developed a highly effective peer tutoring program that improves educational outcomes while empowering youth with valuable training, meaningful leadership opportunities, and the honor of serving their communities by working alongside teachers in the vital effort of educating the next generation.  Ron also currently teaches math at Seven Arrows Elementary School in Pacific Palisades, California.